A Vacation, an Experiment, and That Which is Forthcoming

This past weekend was a good weekend. It was the annual family fall weekend at the beach in Avalon, NJ. I did not take a single photo; I was rather preoccupied. At various times I looked around me and thought: I am blessed. I am so blessed. Conversations, laughter, sand castles, good food, walking on the beach, running on the beach, and other good things.

Today reality came back. I fought a vacation hangover all morning, I really wanted to be in a Corona  commercial and not at work. But I prevailed. My task for the day was to set up and launch my junior rhizotron phytophthora experiment with Fraser fir seedlings. This involved culling the plants, setting up the blocks, assigning the treatments, scanning all the roots, evaluating the shoots, measuring the plants, applying the inoculum, watering the plants, and launching dataloggers.

A Fraser fir seedling root system at the start of the experiment.

This week I should be posting a set list for Sunday, a review of a new Pringles flavor (or maybe several new flavors), and thoughts on coupon valid dates.


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