Justin and Jen’s Wedding

Last night I attended my cousin Justin’s wedding in Bellevue, WA. The ceremony was held at Jen’s parents’ home and the reception in an adjoining garden belonging to their neighbors. It was definitely the coolest wedding I have ever attended. It was a smaller crowd, about 125 or so, which made it feel very intimate. The weather was perfect, the gardens were beautiful, and the food was heavenly.

I decided not to bring my SLR camera, and I elected not to bother taking many pictures but to just enjoy the evening instead. So, this means I do not have a single picture of the happy couple (sorry). But I talked to them, hugged them, and laughed with them. That’s worth more than a picture. I also do not have any pictures that show how amazing the gardens and decorations looked. It was straight out of a movie or dream.

The food was prepared by Jen’s four aunts. They outdid themselves. Not only was everything amazing, there was approximately 150% more food than needed, so there was no need to shy away from second/thirds/fourths/fifths/etc (at least I didn’t). The meal that evening held me over to mid-afternoon the next day, it was that impressive.

Hors d'oeuvres by the deck.

Jen does not like cake, so chocolate chip cookies were used as a replacement. Good deal.

The chocolate chip cookie "cake."

The party went well into the night. And the volume increased. I have no idea how the night remained free of police officers. I guess Jen’s parents get along well with every neighbor in a half mile radius, for the sound system was impressive.

The reception tent as dusk settles in.

All but one of the groomsmen are pilots, and other pilots were in attendance, for that is my cousin’s social network. Toward the end of the reception the groomsmen took the dancefloor with their wives and Come Fly With Me was played, which was very fitting.

Congratulations Justin and Jen! I wish you the best.



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