NetFlix: It’s All About the Streaming

In July I wrote a brief post after hearing about the changes NetFlix would make this fall. At the time I was trying to decide what to do with my membership. I decided to keep the streaming service and drop the DVD plan. So my final red envelope is sitting by my DVD player as I type. I kept the streaming service because there are so many titles I want to see that are available, and I can watch them on a whim, no need to deal with shipping delays or hassles.

Here is a list of titles available right now via NetFlix streaming that I like. Since I have a wide variety of readers I feel compelled to give a disclaimer, some of these films earn their R rating with extra credit (especially Pulp Fiction and Casino).

Movie List

1. Chariots of Fire: I love this film. The prominent themes are ambition, integrity, and dedication. Tension exists between the eternal and the temporal.

2. The Sting: Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Enough said.

3. This is Spinal Tap: “This one goes to eleven.” I wish I could be a rock star.

4. Pulp Fiction: There are several movie lines I quote often [1]. One of them–and admittedly it is rather nonsensical in the way I use it–comes from this movie. I just like the phrasing, the way it sounds. I say it out of the blue when no one is around.

“Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.”

Samuel L. Jackson quoting Ezekiel is also a great moment. As is the Miracle Scene.

5. Casino: I’m a sucker for films about organized crime.

6. Die Hard: Is that Bruce Willis with hair? I’m curious how many people have a desire on some level to be John McClane? A building full of highly trained terrorists with accents is no match for me!

7. 21 Grams: All about guilt, forgiveness, and the messiness of life.

8. Dial M for Murder: I enjoy a Hitchcock film once in awhile.

9. The Usual Suspects: Who is Keyser Soze?

10. The Life Before Her Eyes: I will admit I watched this movie because I heard Evan Rachel Wood was dating Marilyn Manson, and I wanted to see what kind of person would date him.

Honorable Mentions: The Hunt for Red October, The Fighter, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Dumb and Dumber, Eight Men Out, Hoosiers, Murder by Death

This was a list of movies, if you like television shows the first three recommendations I have are Arrested Development, Sherlock, and The Office.

[1] This seems to be worthy of a blog post. Movie lines I quote. Yes, this will be a post. Stay tuned.


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