The Grange Fair 2011

I went to the Grange Fair yesterday with some friends from PSCG. It was the fourth time I have been to the event since I moved to Centre County. Here are a few observations and thoughts (sadly, I neglected to take any pictures, so this post will lack photos):

Euro Bungee Jumping: I had never seen euro bungee jumping before. It was one of the carnival attractions. I’m not sure how I’ve missed this in the past. It looks incredibly fun. All of the people I saw jumping were small and young, so there might have been a size restriction. I couldn’t help but marvel at how simple the set up seemed. I think I could build one of those.

Listening to My Dentist: Yesterday morning I had a dental check up. As part of the small talk during the appointment I mentioned I was going to the Grange Fair. Dr Ng [1] had some advice. “Get an apple dumpling” he said “They’re good.” So I did. I listen to my dentist. And it was good. I had it paired with cinnamon ice cream, which is a glorious match. I would say the apple dumplings at the Way Fruit Farm fall fest are better, but the Grange dumplings are still good.

Hobbies/Collections: One of my favorite parts of the fair is the hobbies competition, which could more accurately be called collections on display. You can see Legos, stuffed animals, Justin Bieber paraphernalia, Pez dispensers, Chuck E. Cheese merchandise, and a host of other things. I’d love to know how the judging works, because I can’t find rhyme or reason to the distribution of ribbons.

Feather Extensions: I saw two booths offering feather hair extensions, which I am told are a fashion statement. I had never heard of, or seen, these before. If my first exposure to something occurs at the Grange Fair I am hesitant to accept it as the cutting edge of fashion.

[1] Dr Ng is a very good dentist. I’ve been going to him since I moved to State College, and I am quick to recommend him. And not just because he thinks highly of apple dumplings.


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