Aluminum Foil Considered: Two Sides

In the kitchen I recently realized something. I like the aesthetic of the matte side of aluminum foil better than that of the shiny side.When I am placing foil on things I usually leave the matte side exposed. I do not do this for a practical reason, just because I like the appearance of the matte side.

Then I started to wonder, are there any significant differences between sides? Is there a reason to prefer one side over the other on a functional basis?

So I investigated.

According to the Reynolds Wrap FAQ webpage the two sides perform the same, at least for the purposes of general use. The difference in finish is due to production technique. One side of the sheet goes through rollers exposed and becomes shiny, the other side is against another sheet and remains dull. It’s that simple.

Do you prefer the aesthetic of one side of aluminum foil, or am I alone in this?


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