Making a Bow Tie

Last week I decided I wanted to make a bow tie. I located a pattern on BurdaStyle (I like their slogan: “For People Who Sew”). Over the weekend I picked up some fabric and interfacing, leaving me two tasks:

1. Assemble bow tie.

2. Learn how to tie bow tie.

This afternoon I tackled these tasks.

This fabric is not yet a bow tie.

The process was relatively smooth. I’m not happy with some of the seams; I definitely learned some things that will help me the next time I make a bow tie. The bow tie pieces are constructed inside out, so the most time consuming part of the entire process was flipping them righside out.

When I had finished the assembly I moved on to the tying process. I wish I could say it clicked the first time I tried it. Not so. But after some trail and error, including some knots that were nothing short of embarrassing, I finally figured it out. I felt very classy while shoeless in my black gym shorts, half buttoned shirt, and bow tie.

Bow tie!

Now that I have an idea what I’m doing I think I’ll try to make a few more, applying some of the things I learned about the seams and shaping the bows. With cheap fabric a bow tie can be made for less than $2.00, so time is the limiting factor here.



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2 responses to “Making a Bow Tie

  1. Morgan

    So, since it has been this long have you continued on with the bowtie making? how is that going?

    • Yes, I’ve made several bow ties since I wrote this post. It’s been fun, and I’ve worn them in public on various occasions (though I have not integrated bow ties into my daily wardrobe yet).

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