Three Quick Things

1.The pearly gates. This evening the Revelation Bible study I participated in for the summer wrapped up. In the final chapter of Revelation the pearl gates of heaven are mentioned, and each gate is described as a single pearl. Despite reading this passage numerous times before I had never noticed that. I always envisioned gates encrusted in normal sized pearls. Of course this is figurative anyway, but it certainly changed my mental picture.

2. I had mead for the first time. And it was good. A friend made a batch this spring, on Monday I got to try it (thanks Mark!). It has a unique taste, somewhere between beer and wine. I had heard both positive and negative things about mead before, but I’m a fan now.

3. Hunter Pence. When the Phillies traded for Hunter Pence at the deadline I loved the deal. In fact I have proof from my Twitter feed (posted before he had his hot start with the Phils).

In addition to putting up excellent numbers the guy is fun to watch play. I’ve always liked him, I owned him on my FBB team last year, and I would check out Astros highlights to see him play. Now that he is in Philly  I am loving what he adds to the lineup. This Phillies team has been so much fun to follow this year. As a Phillies fan I feel like the rich kid in high school who drives a Porche to school that his parents got him. I’m trying to remain down-to-earth and friendly as I enjoy my sweet wheels, vacations in Europe, a hired wait staff, and afternoons at the country club.



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2 responses to “Three Quick Things

  1. Paul B

    Porsche’s gonna wreck around playoff time.

    • I guess if anyone should know something about a team with a great rotation and excellent regular season crashing and burning in the post season it would be a Braves fan. . .

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