Sad People on the Bike Trail

This week I passed two distraught people on the bike trail while running.

Early in the week I was approaching a bend in the trail and I heard a woman crying. Loudly. She was begging for something, the only word she said was “Please” over and over. When I rounded the turn I saw a young couple in the midst of an argument. He was refusing to look at her, staring off at the horizon angrily, while she cried with her head in her hands, while repeating the word “Please.”

I wasn’t sure what to do.

It seemed wrong to invade their privacy, so I kept moving, but I didn’t feel good about leaving this woman with an angry guy in a remote location. So I went past them by about a hundred yards, then turned around, thinking I would just retrace my steps and ask her if she was ok when I went past. But as I started back in their direction the guy stormed away, leaving her alone. I resumed my original route.

Then a couple of days later I was running and I encountered a young man near tears by Toftrees Avenue. He was panicking. His puppy had just run away and he didn’t know where to look. I got a description of the dog and joined in the search by the trail. But I didn’t find the puppy, and I also didn’t see the guy again because we went in opposite directions to cover a larger area. I hope he found his puppy.

Today I went running and I wondered what sad person I would encounter. It was raining and the trail was muddy, evidently I was the only person crazy smart enough to go out running. Despite running more than twice as far as I usually do, I did not see any sad people on the trail.

I find it interesting that I’ve run on those trails for years without seeing a visibly sad person, then this week I saw two.


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