It’s Fun to be an Uncle

I got to spend a few hours with my nephews and niece today. It’s fun to be an uncle.

Reading to Z.

Are You my Mother? is always a quality read. We need more considerate Snorts in this world.

The aftermath of L's blueberry crisp and ice cream.

At dinner L sat beside me, and she took advantage of her benevolent uncle. She made short work of her chicken and carrots, which meant time for  dessert . The ice cream and blueberry crisp disappear, followed by an inquisitive “More?” And repeat. Several times. Then a piece of chocolate cake. The girl can eat. (I kept the portions small, so I wasn’t grossly negligent here.)

Coaxing T to sleep.

I got to hold T for the first time. In the picture above the full effect is lost, for I was bobbing him up and down. The little guy likes to move. Thank goodness for rocking chairs. He has the greatest half smile when his eyes are closed and he is tired. The right side of his mouth twitches up, like he is thinking about something humorous and suppressing laughter. He made me laugh every time he did it.

I’ll say it again, it’s fun to be an uncle.


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