Harvesting Day 1: Rock Springs

Today was the first of two harvest days for my fungicide efficacy experiment. Today I collected all the above-ground  data (disease ratings, shoot heights, and percentage of necrotic needles). It ended up being 3,360 observations. Things went surprisingly smoothly, and I managed to complete the tasks I had set up for today in less time than I expected. In field research this is a rarity.

The weather was very pleasant. A heavenly breeze was blowing most of the afternoon. There was a kettle of hawks performing aerial stunts overhead. A two minute rain shower passed through, and for almost a minute it was raining on the neighboring field but not in my field. Evidently I was on the edge of the storm.

Tomorrow I will be collecting the plants and preparing them for storage. Very soon I will be isolating Phytopthora out of root samples, drying the roots, and maybe counting roots (I need to do a test run to see if this is feasible). If harvest day two goes as smoothly as today I will be pleased.


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