Keebler Town House Flatbread Crisps

This week I picked up Keebler Town House Flatbread Crisps in the sea salt and olive oil flavor. It was an impulsive deliberate purchase. I say this because I had decided to pick up a box of crackers before grocery shopping (the deliberate part), but I had no idea what type or brand of cracker I would get (the impulsive part). The combination of a Wegman’s sale, a new product, and a brief moment of wondering how the term flatbread differs from that of cracker* led me to make the purchase.

The flavor of these flatbreads/crackers/crisps reminds me of good pizza crust. They are excellent paired with cheese or by themselves. I’d like to try the Italian herb flavor as well.

These flatbread crisps will join the elite in my hierarchy of crackers.

* The terms flatbread, cracker, and crisp all are used on the box to refer to the product, it becomes all things to all people, evidently. According to my Oxford Concise Dictionary a cracker is “a thin dry biscuit, typically eaten with cheese” while flatbread is “flat, thin, often unleavened bread.”


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