Riding the Heat Wave

Central Pennsylvania is in the midst of an impressive heat wave right now. I’ve been blessed with a tolerance to a wide range of temperatures, which allows me to enjoy extreme weather in its season. Yesterday after work I went out trail riding on my mountain bike until I looked like I had been swimming. Today I went trail running after work until I looked like I had been swimming. Both days I knew I would be biking or running so I made sure I was well-hydrated beforehand. There is something very rewarding about stopping to rest for a moment and having the sweat dripping off my face at a tempo classified as vivace.

My apartment is shaded by large white oaks and it has central air, so the temperature stays very close to 75 degrees during the summer (+ or – a degree or so). It is amazing how cold 75 degrees feels after a few hours outside near 100 degrees. As much as I like running, biking, playing tennis, and other forms of recreation in the heat, I’m not a big fan of sitting around at high temperatures.

Tomorrow should be another hot day. I need to decide how to take advantage of it.


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