Identifying Glasses

When I moved to State College I bought a set of water glasses that I then proceeded to fall in love with. Those of you who know me well (and now all of you reading this) are aware that I have strong preferences when it comes to eating and drinking utensils.* This water glass that I bought when I moved to State College I consider the best glass design in the world. It is the perfect size, weight, and thickness. It has four slight indentations, which make it easy to hold. I have not met its equal.

The best glass in the world.

In the chaos of moving I manged to lose my receipt from when I purchased the glasses,** and I cannot remember where I bought them because I visited so many stores and compared so many products. In an effort to determine the make and model of the glasses I tried retracing my steps about a year later, but I failed to find answers. So they were a mystery.

This week I saw a picture of a Libby Impressions glass. Hey! That’s my glass! I think it is my perfect glass. I need to track it down in a store and see one in person to confirm it, but this is an exciting development. I might need to buy a lifetime supply in case they discontinue it. . .

*I often travel accompanied by my favorite silverware, bowl, and mug.

** I keep all my receipts, so the fact that I managed to lose this one, one of the few that I wanted to refer back to, really bothers me.


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