2011 Central PA Arts Fest

This afternoon I rapidly walked through the Central PA Arts Festival in State College. I’ve been going to this festival for several years now, so many of the artists were familiar to me. I saw photos, sculptures, clothing, wood crafts, and instruments that I had seen before. This year none of the vendors really caught my eye, though to be fair I did walk through very quickly. I think the festival is best enjoyed when you have time to savor the artwork, ask the artists questions, and discuss it with someone (I went 0 for 3 here).

I enjoy seeing the chalk artists’ work. It’s not every day a road becomes a canvas.

The community chalk art section.

The picture above shows small pictures that are done by members of the community. There are also large pictures drawn by professionals, and mid-sized ones drawn by art students. One of the pros drew a ferocious crocodile in front of Chipotle.

A pedestrian narrowly escapes the crocodile.

I noticed that this year the sand sculpture artists got sponsored by Verizon. He put the logo right on the sculpture.

This sand art brought to you by Verizon.


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