A Few Scattered Thoughts and Points

A Shooting Star – I try to respect my neighbors by not playing my guitars late at night or early in the morning. This means I sometimes grab a guitar and wander outside. One of my usual late night haunts is the field on the other side of the woods behind my apartment complex. On Tuesday I was standing on the edge of the cornfield, playing by moonlight, when an absolutely spectacular shooting star moved across the sky. It was unlike any shooting star I have seen before, it moved slower and burnt brighter. The glow and tail were impressive. In fact, it reminded me of CGI shooting stars in movies, the kind that make you think: yeah right, shooting stars never look that dramatic. Well, sometimes they do.

Message to an Engineer with Onset – When I set up my data loggers for my rhizotrons I ran into a communication error with the software that took me a few days to solve. Part of the process involved me connecting my laptop to the dataloggers via a serial cable and a USB adapter to attempt fixes. On the Onset data loggers I’ve used before the entire front of the case had to be removed to connect a computer (a time consuming process). With my new data loggers there is a “communication hatch” installed (like a small threaded cork) that screws out quickly, allowing cable connection without removing the entire case cover. It is brilliant. So here is my message to whoever designed this new feature.

Thank you for adding the communication hatch to the Onset data logger. May a purple unicorn drop in on your daughter’s eighth birthday party, making you the coolest parent on earth. May every traffic light between your residence and workplace be green in your presence. May your favorite sports team win (unless they are playing the Phillies, in which case you’ll have to settle for a loss and my sympathy).

Shawn Mullins’ album Soul’s Core – I bought Soul’s Core years ago, and at the time I was a bit disappointed with it. For years it was relegated to a shelf. Recently I rediscovered it, and I love it. The entire album is solid. Anchored in You is a great song to sing along to.

A Wal-Mart Code Adam – I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up ink for my printer and I heard a code Adam announced over the system (a notice of a missing/misplaced/wandering child). And the kid, based upon the description, was near me. The announcement went out to Wal-Mart associates, but I assumed my job was to let someone know the missing kid was hanging out in the electronics department. So I took my eye off the kid for a moment to look for an associate. When I turned around three associates were standing with the kid. Say what you will about Wal-Mart workers, they are good at finding missing kids in their stores.


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