NetFlix Changes

I became a member of NetFlix almost five years ago. On a yearly basis I re-evaluate my subscription, and every time I have decided to continue my membership. Today I received a notice from NetFlix that drastic changes are coming this fall. In a few months DVD subscriptions will be separate from streaming subscriptions. This leaves me with a decision to make: DVD or streaming or both or neither?

I’ll rule out both because I do not watch enough movies right now to justify that cost. I am inclined to keep the streaming service, but I am seriously considering putting my membership on hold. I have some time to think about it before the new policy kicks in.

To my NetFlix subscribing readers: what do you plan to do?


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  1. Rob

    I’ve gone just streaming (which figures since my address is bouncing around), but the problem is going to continue since the studios and all are going to continue to raise prices.

    I’d say get the 2 or 3 dvd plan if you like movies. That’s what I would do if it were just me. Then you could get shows you want as well. But being married, I need to have the flexibility to choose whatever she wants as well, so that’s why streaming works better.


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