Rhizotrons Racked

Today I finished constructing my rhizotron racks. I placed all the rhizotrons at 30 degree angles.

Setting the angle.

I installed probes to measure air and soil temperature as well as soil moisture, but I kept getting an error message on my dataloggers when I tried to launch them. I suspect they are not logging data right now; I need to figure out what is causing the error.

As I began to plan a rack design for the junior rhizotrons I noticed all the six inch pieces of 2×3 left over from building the other racks. I realized they would make a simple prop–no construction needed.

The simple props I used for my junior rhizotrons.

All told I spent about seven hours working with my firs today. That gave me time to wash my car, play some bocce with friends, and watch fireflies (which allowed the day to have a leisurely feel as opposed to that of a work day).


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