Drive Right, Pass Left

I don’t drive angry. On occasion I will sarcastically remark “Thanks for signaling, I appreciate it” when a driver fails to signal a lane change or slowing for a turn, but that’s about it. I’ve still only honked my car horn once while on the road, and that was inadvertently while sitting at a stop light.* I’ve never yelled at another driver, gestured, or expressed any form of displeasure. If my blood pressure was monitored while I drove, however, you would see a change when a slow car drives in the left lane of a multi-lane, open road. It is my driving pet peeve.

Drive right, pass left. Drive right, pass left! In the name of all that is right and good DRIVE RIGHT, PASS LEFT!

It’s such a simple concept. On the open road, if you’re going to stay in the left lane you need to be going faster than the flow of traffic in the right lane (this is not relevant in congested traffic, when no one is moving at the speed limit and the primary lane determinants are approaching lane changes or exits).

* I was looking at the steering wheel, wondering how close to the center it had to be struck to produce a sound. I tapped the far edge of the center piece with my thumb. The car honked. I learned.


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  1. Adam

    Never move to Louisville. This happens here ALL the time. It’s in their driving DNA.

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