Independence Day Field Work

Since I was able to celebrate Independence Day last Saturday I decided to spend a long day doing field work on the 4th of July. My destination was my field site in Centreville. I took the new department pick up truck, a little Ford Ranger (it is brand new, this was its first official trip, I more than tripled the mileage on the odometer, which is the first time I have done that on a single day). The truck averaged just over 25 mpg, which is respectable at high speeds in a truck.

At the site I collected disease ratings, height data, water marks readings, and soil cores. It took me about eight hours at the site.

The firs are growing.

On my trip home I made two very quick stops. First was in Titusville at the highschool football field, which is right along the road. I had noticed a blue historical marker sign on a previous trip and wanted to see what or who it was for.

The blue historical marker sign.

I did not know that John Heisman was from Pennsylvania. While I was there I took a quick look at the football field. It is set in a hollow, with bleachers on a hill and factories beside it.

The Titusville football field.

The main entrance by the street has a stone facing, with wrought iron gates. There is an old fashioned ticket window by the main gate.

The football field entrance, note the ticket window.

It’s an interesting field. I resisted the urge to climb over the fence and explore the grandstand.

Just outside of Titusville I had noticed an old abandoned building that looked very interesting on a previous trip. I resolved to stop and investigate it.

The old abandoned building.

Moving closer revealed what the building had housed

Fieldmore Springs Antique Emporium.

We don’t have enough emporiums these days. The building had been closed for about six years, based upon the signs on the door. Peering through the windows revealed shelves and gutted displays. Outside the building walkways, stairs, and displays were discernible through the thick weeds and overgrown landscape plants. An underground storage cellar was located nearby.

The storage cellar.

I noticed more abandoned buildings and things I want to see on my next trip. The Tionesta lighthouse is high on my list (I like the town’s slogan: A special place with a relaxed pace).

I arrived back on campus soon after 10pm, greeted by fireworks. After weighing all the soil cores and cleaning up I left my lab with my bike at 11:57. On my ride home I encountered two undergrads burning a flare on the bike trail, I suppose it seemed like the right thing to do on Independence Day.


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