My Encounter With a Pirate

It was a dark and rainy night in State College. I ventured out to a local retail store to run a quick errand. As I walked briskly down a long aisle I saw a pirate in the distance, walking toward me. He was about three. He had blond hair, a black vest, and an impressive plastic sword. As the distance between us closed he eyed me with a rather mischievous look, and I knew–without a doubt–that he was going to take a swing at me with the sword when I walked past. It was very evident.

And he did. Just as we were about to pass he spun to his right and raised the sword up over his right shoulder, saying “arrrrrr!” His father, walking slightly behind him, knew him well and simply reached out and caught the end of the sword. The mighty hack was foiled, to the consternation of the pirate.

I laughed.


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