My Fungicide Efficacy Experiment: Update

I spent the day at my fungicide efficacy experiment at Rock Springs.  My tasks involved weeding the planting boxes, fertilizing the firs, applying fungicides, mowing the experiment area, collecting data, fixing the irrigation lines (again), and taking some photos.

Working with small plants means I spend many hours close to the ground.

I’m seeing some dramatic results. Thankfully those results look very similar to the ones I got last year, which is a good thing.

Would you rather use this fungicide . . .

. . . or this fungicide?

At the end of the day I took pictures. I had my camera set up on a tripod, when I suddenly began to wonder if I could set it up at one end of a row and run to the other end and pose before the self-timer fired the shutter.

Of course I can.

It’s not really all that impressive of a run. The row is about 150 feet long and my camera has a 10 second timer. The uneven terrain and the fact that I was wearing boots added a degree of difficulty (it being the end of a long day* didn’t help either), but I still pulled it off easily. I had time to kneel and pose for the picture.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever lose my curiosity and competitiveness?

This experiment is not a key part of my research, but it is a very practical study and should produce a publication. I’m trying not to get too happy about the results yet, for things could still get complicated.

As I was working with one of the boxes that had more live plants than I would have expected I sang to it. A song from Faith Hill, which I modified a bit:  Won’t you cry a little, die just a little, pretend that you’re feeling a little more pain? I gave, now I’m wanting something in return. Won’t you die just a little for me?

Next week I’ll see if that worked. I’m not sure if I should include that in my Materials and Methods section or not?

* A true statement and a summer solstice joke


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