A Tale of Two Customers

This week I ran out of both Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea. I consider the Greys a staple, so I stopped by Target a few moments ago to replenish my stash. When I reached the checkout area only one register had a sign that was lit up, though a cashier with an unlit sign was scanning products for a customer at a nearby aisle. The cashier was a young guy, probably just finishing up high school.

In my line things ground to a halt when the person in front of me decided to sign up for a Target check card. It was a slow process. The cashier apologized to me, then told me to go over to the neighboring aisle with the unlit sign. I began to move that way, but the cashier at that station had heard the comment, and he responded with: “Sorry man, I’m closing up.” He was cleaning things up to close down for the night.

So I waited in my original line.

And two minutes later I witnessed something that made me chuckle out loud.

It was another customer. An attractive young woman stopped by the”closed” register and asked if he was open. Up until then the cashier had looked lethargic, bored, and ready to leave. No longer. He scrambled to turn things back on and get set up, while responding with “Yes. Yes, I am.”

I’m not sure if he could hear me laughing or not, but after she left he was careful not to look in my direction as he re-closed the register.

In some respects the two customers were a lot alike: both tall, thin, blond, and wearing green shirts. Only one of them, however, had the power to open a closed register with a smile.



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2 responses to “A Tale of Two Customers

  1. Carol (that's Mom, to you) : )

    Sad, but so true!!

  2. Bernie

    This post made me smile out loud and prompted Gary to say, “Ben could be a professional blogger. He sort of sees the world in a Garrison Keillor way.” So, if a career in horticulture doesn’t pan out you have other options…thanks for the delightful telling of this most ordinary happening.

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