Strawberry Pie Is a Herald

Strawberry pie is a sweet herald that proclaims summer is here. I’ve been playing with a recipe (it seems a bit wrong to tamper with my Grandmother’s recipe, but I wanted to reduce the sweetness, add blueberries, and thicken the crust a bit–don’t tell her). Tonight I made my latest version; I’ll call it strawberry pie 3.0.

The first adaptation was to increase the dough in the crust by almost 50% as well as cutting back slightly on the Crisco content. It was noticeably thicker as I shaped it in the pie plate.

An unbaked crust is like a blank canvas. If it is to be pre-baked holes need to be poked in it. With this pie I used a symmetrical pattern. My last pie contained a portrait of Kermit the Frog. The possibilities are endless.

Not every canvas hosts a Mona Lisa.

The next step is to provide a chaperon to keep the crust from rebelling during the baking process. Being a horticulturist I have a plant bias, so I recruited some beans for the job.

Beans have a good influence on pie crusts.

Preparing the filling for the pie involves smashing strawberries with a meat tenderizer. How cool is that? I cut back the sugar content by 50%, which I had determined last week in strawberry pie 2.0 to be the perfect level of sweetness. I then added fresh blueberries into the layers, resulting in this:

Strawberries and blueberries, oh my.

The final stage is adding Cool Whip. The result is quite red, white, and blue.


I think the blueberries are good but not essential. I plan to use them at times, but not every time I make this pie. As far as the dough and sweetness of the filling goes, I think this is as good as it gets.

I love the summer.



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2 responses to “Strawberry Pie Is a Herald

  1. kateintheshade

    That looks ridiculously wonderful.
    I’m not much of a baker (although I love to eat pie) so forgive my ignorance, but I noticed that your pie stands out from other homemade pies that I’ve had because 1) the filling holds together well (it has not liquified into a sludge at the bottom of the pie) and 2) the berries retain their shape and color. I think my only experience with pie included cooking down the filling somehow and then rebaking the pie once the filling was poured in. Did you do that for this pie?

    • Part of beauty of this recipe is that the only thing that needs to be baked is the crust. The filling uses instant clearjel (a modified cornstarch product), which does not require heating to set up; chilling is used instead. Most pie recipes I have seen use either a pectin product or regular cornstarch, both tend to be runny and require a heat treatment.

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