Instant Clear Jel in State College

On Monday evening I decided to make a strawberry pie or two to usher in the summer. But I had a problem. I needed Instant Clear Jel. I checked Wegman’s, Wal-Mart, Weis, and Giant all to no avail. The closest I could find was Sure Jell, a pectin-based product that I did not trust as a substitute for the cornstarch-based Clear Jel.

I tried internet searches, looking for places that stocked the product near State College, but nothing turned up. I reserved myself to ordering the Clear Jel online and waiting a few days to make the pies.

On Tuesday I was at my Rock Springs experiment site when I suddenly got the idea to call Way Fruit Farm, since Clear Jel is used in fruit preserves and pies. Success! They carry Instant Clear Jel for $2.75 a pound.

I was able to make a strawberry pie when I got home from work, and the summer was not kept waiting. My goal is to make quite a few strawberry pies this summer and to try to tweak the recipe to use less sugar and maybe add a few subtle flavors to the mix.

This post is rather boring–I realize that. My real intent in writing it is to publish on the internet information regarding a local source for Instant Clear Jel in State College. So here is my public service announcement:  if you’re in Happy Valley and you need Instant Clear Jel do not despair, stop by Way Fruit Farm.


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