My Tie: The First Wearable Sewing Project

Back in April I decided that May was going to be Tie Month for me. I wore ties every time I had an opportunity. It has been great. I love wearing a tie in a casual manner, with a simple four-in-hand knot that is not too tight. The knot is slightly crooked, leaves the tie slightly creased, and has none of the ostentatiousness of a windsor knot.

On Friday I decided that the perfect ending to Tie Month would be to make a tie. And so I did.

I found a pattern on Friday night. Saturday morning I spent on campus working; on my trip home I stopped and picked up some fabric. Early in the afternoon I cut the pieces out and attached the interfacing. After my Saturday evening music practice I came home and sewed.

My estimate was that it would take two hours. Thanks to some complications (a broken sewing machine belt, an errant seam that had to be removed, and my momentary inability to grasp a major detail in the pattern) and my general sewing awkwardness it took four. At one point, before I did any of the folding, I had a very large tie.

The tie starts off big.

I had a brief moment of concern: Did I accidentally magnify the design and make a supersized tie? But then I made a few folds and realized that everything was under control.

My tie.

It’s a bit rough in areas, but not bad for the first attempt. I have some ideas for improving my next one.

It occurred to me as I was finishing up this project that so far this weekend I have used my free time to sew, bake a cake, and do some ironing. I might be June Cleaver. Of course, I was listening to AC/DC while I was sewing . . . I doubt June ever did that.


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One response to “My Tie: The First Wearable Sewing Project

  1. Carol (that's Mom, to you) : )

    Proud of you Ben!
    And Happy to know that you are not walking around in wrinkled clothes eating McDonalds and Little Debbie Brownies.
    You are choosing to live life larger than that and that is awesome!
    And no…never heard AC/DC in the background of Leave it to Beaver!!
    : )

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