SCEFC Set List: May 29, 2011

On Sunday I’ll be serving as the worship leader at State College E-Free Church. Due to a scheduling change the order of service and some of its format is undefined. I was told to shorten the main set of songs just a bit, then be prepared to lead an extra set of songs following the main set. I’m planning to have a total of 12 songs ready, but I don’t think they’ll all be used.

The thing on my mind as I put the main set together last week was the role of Jesus in my life. From time to time my attention gets dominated by a song, right now it happens to be Brooke Fraser’s song None but Jesus (well, the theme song from Trollz is stuck in my head too, but that doesn’t count*). The song has some challenging lyrics. The bridge especially gets me: “All my delight is in You Lord, all of my hope, all of my strength.” I find it so easy to delight in other things. And I mean real delight. The kind that makes me happy, makes me feel contented, makes me happy to be alive. The kind of delight that puts a smile on my face. Yet it is fleeting in many cases, leaving pain behind, for it was a delight centered on that which could not fully satisfy. When I sing the bridge of None but Jesus I am singing it as a prayer. I am acknowledging what I should feel, even though I struggle to see it in reality. So this song influenced the set I put together.

Prelude: (E) How Can I Keep from Singing? – Chris Tomlin | Ed Cash | Matt Redman

When I stop to reflect on the Gospel, to dwell on my hope, I am ashamed that it does not motivate me more. I love the part in the second verse that talks about walking with God and singing the songs He gives.

Song 1: (A) Mighty to Save – Reuben Morgan | Ben Fielding

The main set of songs starts with a song that speaks of the Gospel. In the bridge we urge each other to make the glory of Jesus know to the people around us.

Song 2: (G) No One Like You – David Crowder Band

We are compelled to ask: “How could You be so good to me?” Not only is  our God mighty enough to save us, He also is loving enough to do so.

Song 3: (E) None but Jesus – Brooke Fraser

In dying and conquering death Jesus freed me from the fate that I deserve. My response to this should be to live to bring Him praise. Jesus is sovereign; the chaos and confusion of life distract me from this too often. He is worthy of my delight and my hope.

Song 4: (E) We Fall Down – Chris Tomlin

This song talks of surrendering our “crowns” to Jesus. The things we hold dear, the things that we are proud of, the things that set us apart, we recognize them to be of less value than Jesus. I’m planning to jump back to the verse and bridge of None but Jesus after this song, making it a medley or sorts.

The Second Set or Pool of Songs: We might sing all, some, or none of these songs. It’s a complete wild card right now.

(C) Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

(E) Open the Eyes of My Heart

(G) Enough

(A) Blessed Be Your Name

(A) Majesty

Closing Song: (E) Here I am to Worship – Tim Hughes

This song speaks of responding to who Jesus is and what He has done for us. A fitting closing song.

I’m really looking forward to practicing Saturday and the service on Sunday. I know I’ve said this before, but it is an honor and privilege to lead Believers in corporate singing.

* I wouldn’t follow the link to watch the YouTube video if I were you, if it gets stuck in your head it is nearly impossible to eradicate. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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