My Next Phone OS: Apple or Android?

It was a rainy February morning, the kind of morning designed for tea and books. Sadly, this morning was dedicated to a meeting rather than reading, so I walked to campus. And I sat in an empty conference room for an hour, waiting for people who never showed up.

I stopped by my lab to check my email. In a message sent earlier that morning–right around the time I walked out my front door–I was notified that my meeting had been canceled

That situation, and several other occurrences where missing an email caused an inconvenience or missed opportunity, motivated me to start thinking about upgrading my phone. By the summer I will make sure I have email capability on my phone.

Initially I thought I would get a Blackberry. I liked the idea of the physical keyboard. After stopping by the AT&T store and playing with phones, however, I reached the conclusion that I would get an Apple or Android phone. The virtual keyboard was not a problem (in fact I found I preferred it), and the features were enticing.

I started collecting opinions and advice from people with iPhones and Android phones. Everyone I talked to recommended the device they had, or an upgraded version of it. No iPhone users suggested trying an Android, and no Android users suggested trying an iPhone.

I’ve never been a Mac/Apple/iThings person. I have iTunes installed on my laptop,  but I do not own any hardware developed by Steve Jobs. When I bought my laptop I looked at MacBooks, but I went with a PC when I saw I could get more processing power for half the price.

So I looked at the iPhone with considerable skepticism. I assumed it was overpriced and slow compared to other products and that much of the price was for the sexiness of the brand. And I was partially right, but I still liked the iPhone 4. I really liked it.

Quick and painless resolution rarely happens in life. I was ready to buy the phone in mid-March, but rumors and speculation of the iPhone 5 or 4S made me wait. As I waited I began to develop resentment toward Apple and their secrecy. That’s where I’m at right now. I’m waiting for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in early June, where traditionally news of iPhone upgrades is released. If nothing new comes out at the conference in June my response will be: you kept me waiting for three months for nothing? In March I had about 95% confidence I would buy an iPhone, in the three months I have waited my confidence has eroded to 50%. In those three months I have begun to believe that I am guaranteed to experience buyer’s remorse if I get an iPhone, for shortly after purchasing it an upgrade will be released.

I intend to get my new phone by July, regardless of what Apple announces in June. The worst thing they could do is launch a new phone in the fall (which seems to be the most credible rumor) because I’m not sure I want to wait another three months. . .


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