Chasing the Chocolate Cake of Dreams

I had a dream. In that short dream I sat at a table in a restaurant. The chair I sat in was made of mahogany, the table was covered in white linen. A waiter showed up with a piece of chocolate cake I had ordered. I ate the cake. It was a very good piece of cake. And that was it.

Here is the funny thing. The cake in my dream was the creation of my conscious mind during the past few weeks. You see, I’ve been working on a chocolate cake ideal. I decided to attempt to create a recipe to make it a reality. Here is a description:

The cake is a chocolate cake, very moist, with pieces of milk and semisweet chocolate in it. A slight hint of coconut and vanilla flavor is present in the cake itself, as well as a hint of Irish cream liqueur. The cake is a layer cake, with a center filling that contains a light coconut flavored cream with coconut flakes. The cake is drizzled with the coconut filling and fudge sauce, with a milk chocolate chips scattered on top.

This afternoon I made my first attempt to bring the cake from the world of dreams to reality. It was nothing special. The cake was a bit drier than I would like. The chocolate flavor was a bit bitter (I think I used too much powdered cocoa). The biggest disappointment was the coconut cream filling. It lacked coconut flavor, was too sugary, and was too runny. Back to the drawing board.

I did not expect to create a masterpiece on the first try. I’ll make some adjustments and try again. Someday I will create the cake of dreams. In the process I think I might consume dangerous amounts of Grade B chocolate cake. The things we do in the name of progress.


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  1. Olivia

    I fully support this endeavor! And look forward to someday sampling the results!

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