Contingency Plans and More Contingency Plans

My research plans have been complicated by all the rain the northwestern part of PA has been getting. I’ve been kept busy re-planning and adapting to changing conditions, with exactly zero experiments up and running right now. Here are a few things I thought about or experienced in the past few days:

Pure Bliss. Yesterday my work placed me in a greenhouse, outdoors, and in a garage. All three locations were rather hot, and I was doing a lot of lifting. As the end of the day approached my clothing was soaked with sweat; I was exhausted. The last thing on my agenda was to move fir transplants into a walk-in cooler. When I stepped in the door, carrying the first load of boxes, I was greeted by the cool air. It was amazing. I put the boxes down and just stood there for a few seconds. I imagine heaven will have walk-in coolers.

Traffic Karma. Today as I drove on South Atherton Street I saw something that made me smile. A driver (Driver A) changed lanes in front of me, cutting someone off. Moments later, farther down the road, someone (Driver B) changed lanes in front of Driver A. Driver A responded by honking the horn, yelling something, and changing lanes. The next traffic light was red, and it left Driver A and B sitting side by side casting annoyed glances at each other right in front of me. That red light seemed to last forever.

Red Robin. I stopped at a Red Robin for the first time in my life last Friday. I was impressed. The Whiskey River BBQ Burger I ordered was one of the best fast food burger I’ve ever had. The service was also excellent. Consider me a Red Robin fan.

The Power of Words. Someone said something to me recently in the morning soon after I got to work. It was a direct comment about something I was doing. The words stuck with me the entire day. Uh oh, you might be thinking. Don’t let the haters get you down. But it’s not like that. The person noticed a rather minor aspect of a project I was working on (one that I will admit I was proud of) and complimented it. It wasn’t a generic “I like that” kind of compliment, instead it identified what I was doing and why the person thought it was a good idea. It made my day. It also reminded me of the power of words. A post about compliments with be forthcoming. . .


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