Water on the Faucet: How a Forgotten Book Changed My Life

Many years ago I read a book that contained characters I now barely remember, a crime I’ve forgotten, and a comment that changed my life. I’ve tried to figure out the title to see if it conforms to my memory of it, but aside from the one minute bit that changed my life I cannot remember more of the plot other than that a crime occurs. So how did this book change my life?

I am very careful to assure a faucet is free of water drops and splashes after I use a sink.


In the book I have mostly forgotten a women makes a statement along these lines: “No man ever bothers to clean water spots from a faucet.”

So I do. It is now a habit, an integral part of washing my hands. I have noticed the fictional woman was very wise–for most men do not remove water spots from faucets–though she should have avoided making it an all-inclusive statement, for some of us are exceptions. I try not to take pride in this trait, but it gives me a sense of satisfaction to leave a spotless faucet as my calling card. My suspicion, however, is that no one has ever noticed this. . .

I have questions:

  1. Do you notice water spots on faucets?
  2. More importantly, do you remove water spots after using a faucet?
  3. Have you read the book that features the statement I mentioned? (If you have read this book, and you tell me the title, I will buy you dinner and name my first iguana* after you.)

* If I fail to own an iguana at some point in my life this part of the reward is null and void.


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