An Old Roll of Film

I’ve had an undeveloped roll of film in my desk for years, tucked away in a remote corner. Over time I forgot exactly when or where the pictures were from, though I knew it was circa 2000-2002. A few weeks ago my curiosity was piqued. I spent some time trying to remember when I took the photos. After some thought I recalled that I shot a few pictures on a Sunday afternoon at the Unami Creek. I couldn’t remember if I had taken the entire roll there or not. Eventually my curiosity demanded development.

I dropped the film off at a Fuji Film kiosk. During this process I realized that in all likelihood it was the final roll of film I will get developed in my life.

Here are a few of the photos from my final roll of film. They were from the Unami Creek, a field trip I took while at Temple U, a softball scrimmage, and an unknown garden. I think the year is 2002.

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None of the pictures were of very good quality, but it was fun to look through them anyway. My favorite shot is one that features Dr. Whiting, a horticulture professor from Temple U, during a field trip. I learned a lot from him, and I have many fond memories of lectures, labs, and conversations.

I am so thankful for digital photography.


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