Guitars: So Many, So Few

Guitars play a role in developing my character. They strengthen my self-control. I’ve reached the conclusion that as long as I am alive there will always be several guitars that I don’t have that I desperately want. The diversity in guitars is wonderful and terrible. It means there are countless combinations of styles, body types, actions, woods, dimensions, pick-ups, and finishes. The particular models at the top of my wish list change over time as my interest is influenced by what I see or hear or think about.

Right now the guitar at the top is a Gretsch G6120SSLVO Brian Setzer Signature Nashville guitar.

The Gretsch G6120SSVLO Brian Setzer Signature Nashville guitar. Oh my.

Isn’t it glorious?

I held one of these in my hands last Friday at a guitar shop. The action of the guitar is like butter. The classic TV Jones pick-ups sound like an angel riding a Harley (shiny and iridescent with a low growl). Since most of my hours playing the guitar are with an acoustic, I love the feel of a hollowbody electric. The tangerine finish that reveals subtle wood grain is pure eye candy. All this goodness comes with a price, however, and it is a complicating factor. An MSRP of $4,425.00. To add to the complication, I’m not sure how often I would actually use the guitar if I had it, since I tend to use an acoustic guitar as a worship leader (I would almost feel guilty playing this guitar in a church setting, it’s so beautiful it might be a distraction). In all practicality it might just be a guitar to dream about. And that is enough, so long as I can drop by a guitar shop and play one once in a while.

I cannot judge a person for loving and collecting and dreaming about cars or shoes or tools or electronics or some other thing, for I quickly realize that they feel the same way about that particular object that I do about guitars. And I could always use another guitar.

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