A Few Randon Thoughts

Happy People in Restaurant Commercials

People in television commercials for restaurants are unrealistically happy. No one can sustain the type of joy, even if the pasta is endless and the ribs are barbecued to perfection. Eating at the depicted national chain restaurant will break down all social awkwardness and relieve stress. Oh, and your server will probably drop one-liners and show excessive familiarity with you. Yup, that’s been my dining experience. Of course the alternative is to show the average table, with Uncle Fred telling his inappropriate jokes, Aunt Harriet complaining that her vegetables have been over-cooked, your annoying cousin Arthur covertly throwing peas at you, and the server showing subtle signs of disdain while ignoring your table.

I will say, however, that my experiences at the Olive Garden have been almost commercial grade. I attribute that to my company more than the restaurant, but excellent service helped too. The furthest from commercial grade in my experience has been Chilis, but babyback ribs cover a multitude of sins.

Knowing an Album

I grew up listening to cassette tapes, eventually switching to CDs. One thing remained constant, I listened to the entire album start to finish. As each song ended I knew which one came next. I could list the songs on an album in order. I have lost that skill now that I use an MP3 player or burnt CDs that do not contain entire albums. I need to listen to more entire albums.

Lost Friends

Today I lost three friends on Facebook. I usually wouldn’t notice this, but I happened to glance at my total number of friends last night and the number stuck in my head. Today it was reduced by three. I don’t think I’ve said or done anything offensive or controversial on Facebook in the past 24 hours, so I’ll attribute it to people deleting accounts. My first impulse was to figure out who they were, but I decided against it. So long my three departed amigos.


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