Interest: Science Fiction and Baseball

Some things are interesting,* some things are not. That’s just the way it is. One thing I I find interesting is the determination of interest itself. A long equation is involved. That equation features perceived benefits and detriments, morals and emotions, and of course elements of competition and supply (water is more interesting when you’re thirsty or sinking). On the simplest level interest appears to be tied to desire or fear.

Interest may be genuine or contrived. It may be desired or despised. We may culture it or repress it. Many times one interest may lead to another. A person with enthusiasm or passion may inspire interest in a topic never before considered. I’ve listened to music, watched films, read books, visited locations, tried foods, attended events, and done many other things all because someone I found interesting found that particular thing interesting and recommended it.

But some things require no recommendation or persuasion to grab my interest. Like baseball. It is difficult for me to fathom that some people are not interested in baseball. To me baseball is like a beautiful poem or play. Baseball contains acts and drama, strategy and skill. How can you fail to love it?

And then I think about science fiction. I have no interest in science fiction. I’ve never watched Star Wars (or Star Trek, for that matter). Books and movies about science fiction do not appeal to me. I watched Inception recently because people I find interesting found it interesting. I struggled to remain focused on the film. By the midway point I watched the clock, calculating how much time was left. When the movie ended and I sorted through the dreams and realities to arrive at my interpretation, I realized that I didn’t care.

I guess that’s how some people feel about baseball.


* My definition of interest (based upon the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary definition): a feeling that accompanies–or causes special attention to–a person, place, or thing.”


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