My Blog Turns Three

My blog was born on March 12, 2008 at 7:46pm. This means it just turned three. Three years is a long time in internet years. My readership has grown steadily over those years. I do not use extensive blog analytics, so my readers remain relatively anonymous unless they choose to comment on a post or contact me directly about a post. This creates an interesting dynamic. A very small number of visitors leave comments (I do not have thorough stats on unique visitors, but it’s definitely well under 1% of visitors that comment). So I really do not know my readers well.

In honor of the third birthday of my blog I’m going to post a few of the questions I get asked about blogging, along with my responses (I’ll add these to my FAQs page too).

Why do you blog? I blog because it amuses me. It also helps me stay in touch with people I do not see often. Blogging gives me an outlet to write in a non-scientific manner, with a degree of recklessness regarding grammar. I’ve found that blogging motivates me to ask questions and experience things too, which is a perk.

How do you come up with ideas? Most of my posts are born as I go about my day. Some posts are just accounts of experiences or observations. Others are questions or thoughts that happened to germinate in my mind. I keep lists of potential post ideas, many of these are topics that would take research or extra work to write, so I save them until I have time. Insomnia is also a good source of inspiration; some ideas are nocturnal. 

How long does it take to write a post? I’ll often begin to formulate a post in my mind well before starting to type it out. The actual writing and formating can take anywhere from ten minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the post. After writing a post I try to wait a bit, then proofread it before publishing it. Some posts take a long time to write. I have a Baseball Apologetics post that I’ve been working on for months (it’s getting too long to be a simple post).

I’ve met you in real life and you didn’t seem anything like the person who writes this blog. Why? In many real life settings I am parsimonious with words. My blog is a small world constructed primarily out of words. Thus the conflict. I think my blogging persona and real life persona are congruent. If I wanted to build a different blogging persona I would write an anonymous blog (or maybe I already do).

How long do you intend to keep blogging? I have no idea. As long as I have time for it and I enjoy it I’ll continue.

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  1. Bernie

    I am glad that you have started and continue to maintain this blog. It is a delightful window into the world according to Ben! But don’t call me “peeping Bernie”…across the miles and time constraints, this blog helps me get to know you as an adult nephew and not keep you forever locked up in my childhood memories. Thanks!

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