An Unexpected Blizzard

Yesterday it snowed in State College, to my surprise. I expected a few flurries and no accumulation. We got 10 inches.

I like snow. In fact, I might even go so far as to say I love snow. In December and January. Most definitely not in March.

Trees and snow.

This morning I decided to try to appreciate the snow. It went well. As I walked to campus I was cheered by the appearance of the wooded area behind my apartment complex. The path had more than a foot of snow on it, all the trees and bushes were coated. A peaceful beauty blanketed the forest. I stood there for a bit, just taking in the scene.

A cool snowscape.

My walk continued on the bike trail, then down the street. Many people were out clearing off cars, shoveling driveways, and putting out recycle bins. I’ve been walking this street for four years now (that sounds bad, yes I’m a street walker–but not that kind), so I know many of the people who live along it on a very casual basis. This morning everyone was cheerful. I stopped several times for brief discussions about the weather. By the time I got to campus I decided I could handle the snow, so long as it did not tarry long before melting.

So that’s my verdict. I can appreciate this snow if it chooses to depart soon. The forecast indicates warmer temperatures and some rain, so it seems probable.

A snow covered tree.


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