Pringles Kickin’ Guacamole

This evening I updated my official Pringles Ratings. All 40 flavors I have sampled are now on the chart, including a flavor I picked up just last week: Kickin’ Guacamole.

At some point the Pringles Extreme series lost an E and became the Pringles Xtreme series. I think it coincided with the inclusion of the hotness meter on the side of the Xtreme cans.

Kickin’ Guacamole:  8.8, 8.8, B+

The initial taste of Kickin’ Guacamole is nearly identical to the older flavor Spicy Guacamole. Both flavors also have green crisps, which is not common in Pringles. It is in the aftertaste that the two guacamole flavors can be separated. Kickin’ Guacamole seems to have more cayenne pepper flavoring, resulting in a spiciness that lingers. Spicy Guacamole is not a weak flavor, but it just does not have the punch that this new Xtreme version packs.

This raises the question, is spiciness a good quality in a crisp/chip? As a novelty spicy flavors work well, especially when they are being served as a stand-alone snack food. When it comes to complementing a sandwich, however, the less aggressive flavors are preferable.


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    I love your KICKIN’GUACAMOLE i buy 40 cans every two weeks please keep them on the market these are the best chips i like since they came out thank so much Charles R Hoskins.

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