A genuine smile is powerful. It says a lot about the person hosting it. I appreciate a good smile.

I do my best to smile frequently. Some days it works out better than others. If you look for opportunities to smile they abound, it’s a matter of taking advantage of them. When I smile I feel no self-consciousness or awkwardness. Smiling is easy. Smiling is comfortable.

At least it’s easy and comfortable until a camera gets involved. And then I have problems.

I start to second guess myself when a camera is in front of me. Should my mouth be open or closed? I feel like I’m squinting; am I squinting? This feels fake. I need to relax my face and try again. I really need to blink my eyes. Quick, think of something humorous and generate a real smile. Nothing is funny right now. This is not pleasant. Many pictures of me feature a smile that looks about as authentic as Monopoly money. In addition to looking fake, my smile on film shows considerable variability. I don’t know what to expect to see after being photographed. I’m a little bit jealous of people who consistently deliver real smiles in front of the camera.

At least I’m not as bad as Sheldon Cooper.


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