Think of a Card

Warning: This post contains a spoiler about the movie The Brothers Bloom.

In the movie The Brothers Bloom the character Stephen produces a deck of cards and asks people to think of a card. He then cuts the deck and displays a card, failing to produce the right card. When asked why he does this he responds with: “If I do it enough some day it’s gonna work on someone.” When it does occur he’s confident it will be the greatest card trick ever.

Late in the film in a dramatic moment Stephen asks his brother Bloom to think of a card. The queen of hearts is produced, matching Bloom’s thought (it is debatable whether Stephen guessed Bloom would pick the queen of hearts and had it up his sleeve or if it occurred by chance).

For some reason Stephen’s card trick crossed my mind a couple of weeks ago while I was shuffling a deck of cards. I cut the deck and flicked the top card so that it flipped to the table, revealing its face. As I did this I said” “There’s your queen of hearts.”

And it was the queen of hearts.

My card!

This caused me a great deal of amusement on two fronts. First, the exact card coming up was very improbable (1/52). It was the very first time I attempted this random card draw. Second, I was sitting alone when it happened. This is funny because the line from Bloom when Stephen produces the correct card is: “That’s the best card trick I’ve ever seen. Wish you had a bigger audience.”

Defying the odds brings about a strange form of happiness. Just the thought of the queen of hearts made me smile for days.


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