A Few Things


Over the past few days I have spent quite a bit of time with friends, including some that I have not seen recently. I’m reminded of the book inscription that appears at the end of It’s A Wonderful Life, which is something along the lines of: “No man is a failure who has friends.” At times as we reminisced, talked about the future, and just enjoyed life it was very apparent to me that I am ridiculously rich.

Playing with Handguns

Yesterday I spent some time at a shooting range firing handguns with some friends.My previous experience with guns was limited to shotguns, rifles, and air powered guns, so this was a first. Here are a few remarks on the experience:

  • I found the larger caliber guns more fun to shoot. After shooting .45 caliber rounds it was a bit anticlimactic to switch to .22 caliber rounds.
  • Overall the kick of the the guns was far less than I was anticipating.
  • Filling a clip is a very awkward process for a novice. I expected that process to be easier.
  • I have a strong tendency to shoot an inch or two low.
  • At the gun range I observed that men were more inclined to be drawn to large guns than women were. When we were firing our .45 the shots would attract the attention of the guys firing in the neighboring lanes (the shots were considerably more robust than the .22 fire). Likewise, when a guy close by busted out what I believe was a .50 it commandeered the attention of the men*. During this entire process the women at the range seemed oblivious to all other shooters.

*I count myself among those captivated by the .50 gun, though I’m not sure exactly why it happened. All I can say is that the shots were impressively loud and the bullets tore gaping holes through the target.

Water Crackers

I like water crackers (or water biscuits, if you prefer that term). They are elegant in their simplicity. For some reason they do not seem to be available as readily as many other styles of crackers in the US. Tonight I picked some up at Wegman’s and there was only one option in the cracker section (next time I’ll check the UK section in the international food area).

Expected Posts this Week

  • Two posts inspired by my friends Ryan and Sarah:

* A review and discussion about a Pringles flavor from Canada.
* The glory of old election campaign pins and shared last names.

  • My Christmas tree, maybe the bravest tree on the East Coast
  • Thoughts on Moby Dick. After a decade of residence on my to-read pile, I finally picked up the book and read it.

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