Pringles Xtreme Ragin’ Cajun

In my last Pringles update I mentioned that I sampled the Xtreme flavor Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ. Last week I picked up another Xtreme flavor, Ragin’ Cajun. I suspect it has been available for awhile but I mistook it for Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ (the graphics on the cans look very similar) so I didn’t pick it up earlier. It’s the 38th flavor in my rankings (I haven’t added it to my master list yet, that should happen later this week or next week).

As I perused (and I use peruse in its true form, meaning to examine carefully) the Pringles flavors at the grocery store last week I saw a hotness scale on all the Xtreme flavors. Since I had only seen the scale on Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ before I decided to see which flavor resided at the top. And that’s how Ragin’ Cajun was brought to my attention.

The scale.

Ragin’ Cajun (8.8, 8.8, B+). Is Ragin’ Cajun worthy of a fire extinguisher rating? It’s a matter of perspective. For a Pringles flavor it is quite hot. I’m not sure that the aftertaste is any hotter than Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ, but the initial taste is. The flavor is a mix of tomato, paprika, onion, and pepper. It has potential as a standalone or a companion crisp. I like it, though I don’t consider it one of my favorites.

It pleased me to see no 100 crisps guarantee on the can or peel off seal. Instead of a misguided 100 crisps guarantee the peel off seal contains a warning to the consumer.




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7 responses to “Pringles Xtreme Ragin’ Cajun

  1. MARS-E

    Well……when it first came out, it WAS hot! The whole chip would be RED! I would buy 6 cans at a time..but now…eh.. only HALF of a chip is coated…WEAK!! Massively gutted! Not sure I’m gonna buy them anymore.. I guess the weak ass Americans are complaining that it’s too hot???

  2. Louise

    I’m partial to Pringle’s Extreme Sweet Sizzlin’ BBQ myself. I love a hot, sweet, smoky BBQ chip and this is the ultimate for me, but since my favorite grocery store closed I can’t find it anywhere. All the grocery chains left sell a limited stock of Pringle’s and only two or three Extreme flavors. I’m so totally disappointed.

  3. Nicola

    Hi mate, d’you still have that can? I’m a collector and I can’t find it anymore.. Let me know.. thanks..

  4. Anonymous

    Ive only tried the Blastin’ Buffalo Wing xtreme flavor and they arent hot

  5. Mj

    I live in California and I’ve been trying to find this flavor and I can’t find it. Please give me dome help on finding this flavor.

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