Collecting Advice: The Outside Opinion

I like to think of a decision as a construction project. The facts that go into the decision are blocks of different materials, shapes, and sizes. These blocks are examined, then assembled into a structure. Each person will see the collection of blocks differently and consequently have unique construction ideas. For this reason outside opinions can be very helpful.

When I am facing a decision I enjoy hearing how other people see the facts that surround the issue. Sometimes they see potential and opportunity in places where I only see complications and conflict. As Lowe’s would say: “Let’s Build Something Together”™

Giving and receiving advice is an interesting dynamic in human interaction. Advice comes in many forms. Some is well thought out and sincere, some is merely casual conversation. Some people give advice that is based on their own values or preferences, while others will take the opportunity to be motivational and inspiring. When hearing advice it’s important to know what variety it is.

It seems to me that outside opinions often involve taking on risk and being ambitious. No one recommends being passive. Inactivity is not an option. It’s more fun to say Go for it! than Play it safe. And I think that’s good. Bold lives make the most interesting stories.

When it’s all said and done, however, I strive to remember that I will live with the consequences of my decisions. Taking on risk is acceptable at times, but only with eyes wide open. I’m in the process of drawing up a few blueprints for decisions right now. . .


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