I Can’t Get Away from My Work (Even When I Sleep)

I’ve been spending a lot of time studying for my oral comprehensive exam and thinking about my next year of research. Last night my research even managed to enter my dreams. I rarely recall dreams, and when I do they are normally short clips. But last night I had a very long dream.

The entire dream consisted of me sitting on my couch and reading a textbook that addressed conifer physiological responses to flooding (one I have already read, so the content was based on fact). As I read I was taking notes and attempting to develop an experiment for the spring of 2011. It was a dream that followed the template of my real life over the past few weeks. There are two reasons I am sure it was a dream and not just a recollection of real life.

1. In real life I own an electronic version of the textbook I was reading. In the dream it was a physical copy.

2. I was observing myself from across the room. I still haven’t figured out how to have out-of-body experiences in real life yet.

Unfortunately my dream did not produce any breakthroughs or new approaches to my research. It was a collection of recycled ideas I had been considering over the past two days. Still, I wish I could harness this ability and use it more often.


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