Belt Failure

Life is full of new experiences, unexpected challenges, and glimmers of humor. This morning I was reminded of this.

I served as the worship leader at State College E-Free Church today. The music team usually practices at 9:30am on Sunday; the service starts at 10:30. At approximately 9:28 as I was re-tuning my guitar, preparing for the start of the practice, the belt I was wearing suddenly broke.

Exhibit A: The belt in one piece.

I was wearing my favorite black belt. Due to scratches it had been relegated to secondary duty some time ago. Today I decided to wear it because I was sporting an untucked shirt, so the belt was not visible (I am very reluctant to wear shirts untucked, it doesn’t happen all that often).

Exhibit B: The belt in two pieces.

A broken belt would usually not be a big deal. I’d just carry on beltless. Right now it is a problem, however, for I’ve dropped some weight over the past month and all my clothes are loose. Very loose. Throughout the music practice I kept my pants up by staying very still and holding my guitar tightly against the top of my pants. I also had to pause between every song to help my pants recover the inches they had surrendered in the preceding minutes. It was very distracting. By the end of the practice it was evident I needed a belt. A slight mistake and my pants would be doing their best ankle sock impression.

My goal as a worship leader is to point people to God, remind them of the Gospel, and avoid being a distraction. Losing my pants in the middle of the service would qualify as a distraction.

In the short window of time between the end of practice and the start of the service  several people offered to lend me a belt. Armed with a borrowed belt (thanks Jared!) things went off without a hitch.

Life is not boring.



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3 responses to “Belt Failure

  1. Adam

    New design? Where’s the smile?!?!

    • Wow, you’re sharp. I just changed the design this morning. The old design I had will be incompatible with WordPress in a couple of weeks, so I made the switch to a similar design. The smiley is not supported, though I think the designer has been inundated with requests to add it. It might be returning soon. . .

  2. You’re welcome, Ben! Glad I was able to help you avoid a wardrobe malfunction during the service. :-)

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