He Will Act

One thing I love about reading books or watching movies is the action. I’m not talking about explosions and violence. The kind of action I refer to is the confrontation of problems. Wrongs are righted and injustice is battled. If a story is going to be published it must involve characters who are not passive. A passive story isn’t compelling, more importantly, a passive story doesn’t sell well.

This week I watched The Last Castle. I’m a fan of all things Robert Redford, though this isn’t one of his better movies. Why I mention it is because it made me think about confronting injustice. Early in the movie there are scenes that convey oppression and cruelty. Something is wrong; someone needs to stand up for those who are being abused. I was confident that this problem would be addressed by the protagonist. Robert Redford would not walk quietly in a world with evil surrounding him. He will act.

In reading or watching stories I find myself quick to expect noble or courageous responses from characters. Weakness, fear, and indecision are repulsive. I wonder why I do not hold myself to the same standard? I’m not saying I live a passive life, but I do tend to live a self-centered life that is reluctant to seek out the problems of the people around me.

What if I lived like a hero? What if I refused to ignore injustice?

I am called to be more than Robert Redford to the world; I am called to represent Jesus. The Creator and Sustainer of the universe has given me a commission to show His love to the people I interact with. That’s a script for a story that is epic. A story I want to be a part of.

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