Playing With Words

Sometimes when I am fighting insomnia I write. To add interest I will sometimes express an idea or situation through metered phrasing with various stipulations. I do not consider myself a poet (I’m not technically sound), but metrical writing does interest me. I recently wrote something composed of sections four lines long, with each line having five syllables. The first line had to begin with S, and the second and fourth lines had to begin with a homonym homophone. It was interesting to take the original idea I had for the content–which was several paragraphs of text in prose form–and express it in this fashion. I think it gains some ambiguity and is much more open for interpretation that it is in its prose form.

Shaken but not stirred
To action until
The turmoil becomes
Too much to bear

Seeking answers first
There are moments of
Clarity and hope
Their stories align

Speaking careful words
Aloud and uncaged
Each one checked then
Allowed to go free

Some thoughts are held back
Phased into the light
When all has been  cleared
Fazed not by cold risk

Sweet resolution
Here may visit when
The facts are aligned
Hear the dissonance

Strive for confidence
Great comfort it is
In the hour when doubts
Grate against the soul

Serious in life
Martial worry bane
Of the joy we seek
Marshall truth to fight

Singing love songs as
Waves of expression
For a future that
Waives lonely confines

A metered verse that opens with a line inspired by James Bond ordering a martini might lose some artistic credibility, but that’s alright. Bond says “Shaken, not stirred” so in reality it reads quite differently (even if Bond was reciting the first stanza in my head while wearing a tuxedo and sitting at a poker table).


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