NLCS Game 4: Trouble Brewing

The Phillies really needed to win tonight. It didn’t happen. Now it will take three straight wins to take the series. Tonight’s game was everything postseason baseball can be. There were lead changes, swings in momentum, and a dramatic finish in the 9th inning.

While in the pit of despair it is easy to focus on the negatives. As I watch the Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia post game show I’m hearing all sorts of criticism. Sure, there were some questionable decisions, but in the end the Giants put together a few hits and won the game. When two teams compete one of them has to lose.

I do not fault Charlie Manuel for not starting Halladay. I do not fault Sam Perlozzo for sending Ruiz in the 5th. I do not fault Jimmy Rollins for not bunting in the 8th (though he had to pull the ball in that situation).

Credit is due to the Giants for coming up big.

Now the Phils are against the wall. It’s win or go home from here on out.


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