The Way Fruit Farm 2010 Fall Fest

Today I went to the Way Fruit Farm fall festival. They hold an annual fall festival the second and third Saturdays in October. This was the first time I attended the event. I went with some friends from State College E-Free.

The Way Fruit Farm has been around a long time (it’s on its 6th generation of owners, the property was purchased in 1826). The fall festival is a time to highlight the apple and pumpkin harvest. In addition to the opportunity to pick apples and pumpkins, there are vendors selling arts and crafts, musicians, and food stands.

We rode on a wagon pulled by a tractor to get to the pumpkin patch. There were plenty of pumpkins available. You could say there was a plethora of pumpkins.

A pumpkin patch at Way Fruit Farm.

It was interesting to see people choosing pumpkins. Everybody has a different perception of beauty. When it comes to pumpkins symmetry and organe-ness seem to be the dominant traits in demand.

Pick me! Pick me!

After finding the pepo that sates your desire the goal is to carry it to the weighing station. After paying 32 cents a pound the pumpkin is yours.

A pumpkin weigh-in.

I decided to forgo a pepo and focus on pomes. Normally (from what I am told) there are several cultivars of apples that you can pick at the fall fest. This year–due to the warm spring we had–most cultivars had already been harvested. The only one left was Idared. I picked a half peck of them for $5.00.

After picking apples I decided to purchase an apple dumpling (if only they grew on trees).

An apple dumpling with ice cream. . . oh, and a fork.

Apple dumplings are a food that I really enjoy eating in the fall. This apple dumpling was good. I’ve had better ones in Lancaster County, but almost all food is better in Lancaster.

The Way Fruit Farm fall fest was a nice way to spend a few hours on a Saturday. The weather today was amazing, so it was good to be outside. It really feels like autumn here in Happy Valley.


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