A Commercial that Bothers Me

During the summer a Travelers Insurance commercial featuring a rattlesnake and a rabbit began airing. The snake has lost its rattle and has a makeshift repair job composed of a child’s toy rattle and duct tape. A rabbit encounters the snake, initial fear is followed by laughter as the rabbit mocks the snake’s inferior rattle. In the end the snake is embarrassed and the rabbit is amused.

A voice over presents the following: Close enough just isn’t good enough. If your car is in an accident make sure it’s repaired with the right replacement parts.

And then this little catchy slogan is delivered: Travelers: Take the scary out of life.

It’s a terrible commercial. The snake is just as dangerous–I would argue even more dangerous–without his rattle. As the rabbit laughed the snake should have used his still-working venom. The rabbit is an idiot.

Now the slogan Travelers uses is “Travelers: Take the scary out of life.” However, in the commercial if the snake had used their product he would have had his rattle replaced with a first class prosthetic, allowing him to strike fear into the heart of the rabbit. Thus Travelers would help put the scary back in life.

This commercial also raises an interesting question: how did the snake apply the duct tape?


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