Is Reebok Eliminating Tennis Shoes?

My pair of Reebok tennis shoes is currently lacking sole. Actually it’s just the right shoe, my left shoe is fine. I’ve worn through the sole at my right toe. This prompted me to begin looking for a pair of tennis shoes.

My allegiance to Reebok athletic shoes is pretty high. Over the years I have owned many Reebok shoes. I’ve tried other brands (Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Avia), but I didn’t like any of them as much as Reebok.

As I looked for Reebok tennis shoes I discovered that they are difficult to find. In the past decade Reebok has released many models of tennis shoes, yet they are very difficult to find in many sizes in the US. The most common Reebok court shoes stocked in the US are the general court shoes that lack many of the features the more specialized shoes have (most notably a reinforced toe plate, designed to improve shoe longevity for toe draggers like me). Even Reebok’s website has a poor selection for men’s tennis shoes, with part of the site claiming to be under construction (are the shoes under construction or is it the website?).

To make things more frustrating the UK version of Reebok’s website has several great models available, but refuses to ship to the US.

I decided to compromise. I bought a very nice pair of Adidas shoes. I bought them online–sporting goods stores here in State College do not stock many tennis shoes–so I had to rely on descriptions of their fit. Well, they arrived in the mail. I’m afraid I can only describe the fit as terrible. The shoe is too narrow (I’ve never purchased wide shoes before, but I guess I should have in this case), and the arch support would be better termed an arch antagonist. Within five minutes of putting the shoes on–while just sitting in a chair–my feet began to hurt. I’ve reached the conclusion I will not be able to use them.

So now I am trying to decide if I should try either Prince or K-Swiss shoes. Maybe that’s just asking for trouble. For the time being I’m planning to use running shoes on the tennis court.

I’m curious to see if Reebok will be introducing more models of tennis shoes.


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